Welcome To My World!!

Hi there! My name is Rania Stam (short for Stamokosta) and I am from Athens, Greece!
For almost 2 years I own another blog (Chic and Silk) that includes everything I love.
Styling tips, color combinations, trends, photo shoots, how to wear this and that and all the things I think you would like to know from a stylist, for any occasion although I have never studied
anything about these things!
I always thought of myself as an observer, cause I always observe not the fashion or the colors but the way people wear something that can inspire me! You see, every moment that is carved in my memory since the age of 5 has to do with clothes, aesthetics and things that not only change the way we look but also they immediately change the way we feel about ourselves!

So, the idea for this new blog came so naturally! Cause it's my mirror. Not only because its name is my name or because it represents what I am going to do (photos on the streets but sometimes something more) but also because this reflects exactly the things that I am, the things I love!
Since all the photo shoots I’ve done so far for Chic and Silk could not be published here as I start something new, but neither can I leave it behind because it is a part of me, take a look at some of my photographs that were posted on my other blog, and, of course, there’s more to come .. that will be even better!

I hope you will enjoy the ride and get inspired, since we are all observers and we like to be inspired by  other people's style.  
Welcome to my world!


  1. καλωσόρισες λοιπόν ράνια.
    θα σε παρακολουθώ καθημερινά!!
    καλή αρχή!!
    μαρία κ


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